Company Approach

Company Approach

We are a company with clear purpose – “Working for a better tomorrow”. We harness our skills to prove that our business model delivers superior performance to our partners and clients to create long lasting impact.

We operate in more than 5 units to make the products our clients love. Our R &D team uses consumer insights and the best ideas to create superior products.


Multicure Pharma, has been India’s leading and most trusted provider for residential and commercial disinfectant manufacturers. We are experts in manufacturing of Disinfectants, Sanitizers for uses in Homes, Hospitals and Offices.

Product Innovation

We strive to build innovative products for your wellness and ensure your safety in the outside world.

High Priority

Our clients are our highest priority and our innovative products comply with the standards for quality, with the latest tendencies for safety and development in the public hygiene, in accordance with the market demands. We work with companies in all industries.