Multicure Pharma Private Limited specializes in the business of Pharmaceuticals with focus on manufacturing of Antiseptics and Disinfectants for more than 40 years catering to domestic, institutional and export markets in India and overseas.

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Multicure Pharma stands amongst the best companies, serving the pharma industry since 1982. We have established a manufacturing plant at IDA Bhongir, Hyderabad with highly experienced technical staff. It features automated machinery with in-house fully fledged Analytical, Instrumental and Microbiology laboratory.

Our Key Products

Our Upcoming Products

  • Hand rub sanitizer 70% ethanol
  • Hand rub sanitizer 80% ethanol
  • White Phenyl
  • Black Disinfectant Fluid (Black Phenyl)

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The earth today is populated by more than seven billion humans. Emerging infectious diseases are increasing, causing losses to human lives as well as huge costs to society. Many factors are contributing to disease emergence including climate change, globalization and urbanization.
Most of these factors are to some extent caused by humans. Pathogens may be more or less prone to emergence in themselves and rapidly mutating viruses are more common among the emerging pathogens.

Multiple studies indicate that the common types of adverse events affecting hospitalized patients are adverse drug events, HCAIs (Health Care Associated infections), and surgical complications.

The US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention identifies that nearly 6% of patients world over hospitalized patients annually acquire HCAIs while being treated for other health issues and that more than 1.5% patients die due to these.

HCAIs are a major safety concern for both health care providers and the patients. Considering morbidity, mortality, increased length of stay and the cost, efforts should be made to make the health care centers as safe as possible by preventing such infections.

HCAIs can be prevented by removing sources of infection i.e treating infections, following proper decontamination procedures, prevent transfer of pathogens with good hand hygiene and aseptic procedures.

Concurrence to the above facts and the need for developing products can control & prevent potential risk of infections.

Multicure Pharma Pvt. Ltd. has been established with an aim of research, innovation, development and marketing of various effective products dealing with infection control and preventing associated risks.


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Good Manufacturing Practices


Year : 2021 – 2026


(Government of Telangana)


Innovation In House

Our Specialization

At Multicure we constantly conduct research, innovate products that fits into ever changing disease domains with a common objective of delivering effective products at affordable rates. With dedicated marketing team having years of experience spread across 11 key states, our capability to reach markets with innovative products stands at minimal turn-around time making us different from others.

Multicure core expertise is into development, manufacturing and marketing of products which would enable respective consumer line fight against infections and its adversaries. With dedicated production team of 400+ man years of experience, we strive towards bringing out best quality products.